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Research Services


Custom modifications of synthetic peptides currently available to Researchers are listed below and are available at an additional cost depending on the type of modifications requested. Requests for modifications other than the ones listed below are welcome and we make every effort to develop new methodologies to assist the investigators in their research objectives. 

We offer a full range of custom synthesis services for every peptide application and all services and procedures are performed in accordance with good quality assurance and record keeping practices pursuant to standard operating procedures. 

  • Custom peptoid library synthesis
  • On bead / Off bead peptoid production
  • Specialization in very hydrophobic and long peptide sequences
  • Regiospecific incorporation of disulfide bridges using orthogonal protection strategies
  • Head to tail and head to side chain cyclization
  • Lipid conjugated peptides in support of vaccine development
  • Chemical and chemoenzymatic production of glycopeptides
  • Wide range of fluorescent conjugates
  • Isotopically labeled peptides such as C13, N15 and Deuterium
  • Other modifications such as phosphorylation, biotinylation and acetylation
  • Production of peptide panels for epitope mapping and peptide libraries for ligand fishing
  • User defined custom modifications and conjugation chemistries
  • Custom nanotechnology applications such as biodegradable microspheres and dendritic polymers

For additional custom services or modifications, please call facility personnel for pricing.